Saving and Editing Your User Preferenced Order-Sets

Medical Staff 02/27/2014

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Physician Directory- Regional and SMH Medical Staff

Medical Staff 02/10/2014

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A Fix for the Internet Explorer version 10 and 11 Citrix access issue.


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Prostate MRI

Medical Imaging 01/15/2014

MRI is now utilized to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. With advanced imaging techniques similar to breast imaging, dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) sequences are used in conjunction with other sequences to help the radiologist’s determine if and where a cancer is located within the prostate gland.


Peripheral Aterial, Peripheral Venous or ABI Ultrasound?

Medical Imaging 12/13/2013

Ultrasound is an important tool to screen and evaluate patients with peripheral venous and arterial disease.


Reversal for Oral Anticoagulation Reccomenations

Medical Staff 11/19/2013


Reversal for Oral Anticoagulation Reccomenations

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