Epic 2014 Upgrade-- Physcian Training Guide

Clinical Systems & IT , Medical Staff 03/26/2015

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Reaching Imaging staff at the Hospital after hours

Medical Imaging 03/02/2015

We have responded to concerns regarding the ability to contact Imaging staff, after regular business hours.  We have added a voice message to the Diagnostic Imaging phone extension.  If you are trying to reach an Imaging Associate, please dial 298-2088.  You will be directed to page 2160, or you can call the operator and have them page Radiology. 


Siemens Luminos Agile R & F Room with Ortho Package

Medical Imaging 03/02/2015

This addition to Pavilion Diagnostic Imaging allows long length images to be taken in the outpatient setting at the Pavilion Imaging Center.  This orthopedic addition, to Diagnostic Radiology, will be used primarily for scoliosis studies.  Our knowledgeable staff has received advanced training, with this new technology, which will ensure high quality images for these exams.


New Siemens Definition 64 CT

Medical Imaging 03/02/2015

The new CT Siemens Definition AS 64, installed in November of 2014 at the Pavilion, provides us with advantages and capabilities that were not achievable in the past. The CT scanner table limit of 500 lbs. allows us to provide CT imaging to a greater population of patients.



Pharmacy 11/21/2014

Latest formulary changes approved by P&T


New QHN Platform - Epic access to change Sept 25 [Updated]

Clinical Systems & IT 09/23/2014

QHN is migrating to a new software platform.  As part of this migration, SCL Health will be changing our single signin tab in Epic to work with the new system on Sept 25.

The single signin activity will only work with one site and users who have migrated prior to this date or not migrated after this date will not be able to sign in using the single sign on in Epic.  Direct logins to the websites will continue to function as scheduled.

Training schedulesvideo broadcasts and guides are available from the QHN website.  Training guides for providers and care team members are also available on DocSpot.

Direct Link to QHN

If you have issues with the crosswalk contact QHN at 248-0033 or submit a support ticket by going to the QHN website and clicking on the Customer Support Request link.